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How to Find Better Work-Life Balance as a Digital Nomad

Today we talk about something a bit different than usual.

I recently started a part of my life in which I'm experiencing the digital nomad lifestyle. Part of the excitement is traveling abroad and working with my laptop just as I was working with my desktop in my bedroom.

However, it can add a further challenge in budgeting and balancing time related to work and life. So I'll share a few tips I make use of to try to strike a good balance with everything!

Planning a budget is one of the most crucial aspects of this kind of lifestyle. As a digital nomad, we can travel everywhere in the world (or almost!), but without a spending plan, things can take the wrong turn quite quickly.

This is why I waited to be economically independent before making this choice. Please also note that in my case it was a gradual thing - for instance, I would have not chosen this path last year if asked. I grew a thought into it.

In my case, 'economically independent' matched with around my fourth year of freelance business. After reaching a steady flow of projects and a good number of recurring clients, I had enough freedom for the next step.

The exact number of clients may vary, but I always have at least 3-4 main clients and another 4 to 7 returning clients, which are still regular in number but rotate among a broader client base. With such a good amount of clients and relative monthly income, I can be sure to have enough money to cover my expenses.

When traveling abroad, I keep working at a good pace, although not as effectively as I'd like. This is due to logistics - that is, the place I'm currently at, its internet speed, whether I have a good desk to put my PC on or not, and various other factors.

These can vary from taking a whole afternoon for a walking tour around a new city to spending the night partying, or a couple of days off on a nearby island.

I tend to always have my PC with me in my backpack, but it's not exactly feasible working just anywhere.

What I find very useful to keep track of all my finances is using It's a web-app / online service specially made for freelance translators. It features sales and other key information also in the form of graphs. This is very important if you want to see how much money is going to come into your wallet shortly, as well as keep track of your spending.

For quick (usually non-job-related) tasks, I save everything as soon as I get a flash in my mind within Google Tasks. I quickly type what I need, and then I have it stored for future reference.

Google Tasks allows me to save everything even in the hectic moments between a quick gig and a snack in a bar.

I also use Google Calendar to keep track of important events, and I sometimes try to (and keep failing at) schedule my whole day with it.

This is a challenge I yet have to overcome, possibly with a little bit more organization. However, you can also set daily tasks in Google Tasks and have them nicely displayed in Google Calendar - so my point about usefulness still stands.

These are a few tricks I hope will be useful to you, whether you're a digital nomad, planning to work and travel, or just want to have your life better organized.



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