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Fed Up Having a Good but Overlooked Resume? Try This!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

So, you want to get hired by an agency and land your first job. But you don't know how to write an impactful resume that will get you hired. Oh noes, what to do? Beginners, in any online application, do not get into the perspective of the recruiter, so they don't know how to catch their eye. Nobody tells you how to write a resume at school or university. It's not your fault. Try this!

Use Psychology to Trick Recruiters

'What psychology has to do with this?' Well, from how I see it, there's a good amount of that taking place in the recruitment process. Thing is, most agencies - especially big ones - read dozens to hundreds of resumes a day. And if they don't find your resume unique, compared to all the similar ones they keep receiving every day, they'll tend to give it less thought, and they might even distractedly fly over key stuff you need them to read. Stuff that increases your chances of getting hired and catches the interest so that they keep reading.

You can design your resume with Canva. It's a graphic design platform, very good and fast. Canva is also super useful for presentations (more of that in a future post). You can create a free account to use it, make your resume, and download it. The platform revolves around its paid service to design slides, logos, CVs, etc. However, since you just want a nice resume, you can simply enter your card details for a 30 days trial and cancel it as soon as you have your resume. Free stylish resume for you.

Concise. Complete. Impactful.

Make something impactful with bright or unusual colors. But keep the text readable, of course. Just make it different from most of the stuff recruiters receive. Something that also shows your personality.

Once you have a pleasant and colorful layout, fill it with my concise sentences. Short, clear, and effective. Just like I'm doing here. For instance, don't say 'I've been a professional English into Italian language specialist since X. During my early career I also did Y. All my clients expressed full satisfaction with my services because Z...' This stuff is boring.

Try 'Professional translator with X years of experience. Previously worked as Y because (the reason you liked/did it; why it helps with your current application). Specializing in (fields of specialization in translation).' Better.

Of course, that's just the general idea. You need short and clear sentences. Use bold font, and play with colors. You don't necessarily need to use black font. Or a white background. Also, play with different text layouts. Split paragraphs, and use spacing not to overwhelm the reader. Just write that's core, but make sure you say everything important. You can search 'impactful canva resume' on Google Images to get a better idea of the design. Make use of all those tips.

Next up, we'll talk about finding companies on the web, and how to submit your application. See you soon!



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