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Client Feedback and Reputation to Land a Job

As we continue to dig further into writing our stylish resume to land a job as a freelance translator in 2023, let's hone our email drafting skills, making sure not to miss any step. Today, I'm sharing more tips on first-contact emails as we introduce the importance of highlighting existing clients' feedback to successfully impress new clients.

Adding Feedback to Our Email

So, we already talked a bit about the general structure and the impression we should give to the recruiter.

I guess it's time to further develop our email content. What I personally like to do is add links to webpages - most importantly, about existing clients' feedback.

If you already have done some jobs for clients, I suggest you collect the clients' feedback on a page on your website or on your's Feedback card (we'll talk more about and its great potential in many future posts, by the way).

Currently, I just go with the option as I have a good profile and presence on the portal, and I receive good ratings and positive feedback from all my clients. This is my feedback card, for instance:

I add this link to my first contact email with something like, 'You can read more about my clients' positive feedback here: <link>'.

Showing Credibility Makes a Difference

Most times, something of such importance as your existing clients' feedback might get overlooked by the recruiter, so you must clearly state it in your first message with a nice blue link. Even in your attached resume, smaller links might have less chance to get clicked by the receiver. So, what better spot if not in front of the recruiter's face?

I can't state enough how important it is to gather feedback from existing clients to show yourself as more credible in front of new customers. This helps a great deal with getting picked by the client or recruiter. You might have a lot of experience, but relatively speaking, having a larger pool of satisfied clients to show off, with their positive ratings and feedback, is way more effective.

Sooner or later, in pretty much any scenario, you'll find yourself in a situation where you weren't picked, not because you weren't more competent as compared to other applicants, but simply because the recruiter had to decide which applicant had the most convincing presentation. And having a lot of satisfied clients says a lot about your reputation.

Next up, we'll talk more about this essential yet overlooked side of marketing our online presence as we start collecting feedback from clients. Stay tuned!


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